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The Next Big Thing In Goalie Development

Although I could not attend the Network Goaltending Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend and also had to pull the chute on sticking around for the NHL Goalie camp afterward (still trying to iron out the details of crossing the border to share my expertise), I did send along my presentations in video format […]

1 of 8 Essential Exercises For Every Goalie

off ice goalie training

You will not be surprised that three of the Essential 8 For Goalies are related to hip mobility.  Not only is mobility (which is flexibility + control) a key ingredient to success on the ice, developing the right type of mobility is also a must for long term hip health. Today I am sharing one […]

EOTW: Knee Recovery Angle Push For Hockey Goalie Agility

hockey goalie agility training

Quick one for you today – it is a nice goalie agility drill. I think sometimes we get tunnel vision with our agility training and work a bit too much in the frontal plane forgetting to work those angles from the post to the top of your crease and vice versa.  So this is a […]

He Works Out Every Day But Doesn’t Get Stronger…

I rolled a few different questions into this article – but basically it is from the skater or goalie who works out like a fiend, but doesn’t really get stronger and doesn’t really get noticeably stronger or faster on the ice. Talk about frustrating. Luckily, usually this player actually loves working out, so that is […]

EOTW:Towel Grip Body Row

EOTW: Towel Grip Body Row I love this exercise as much as a trainer can love any exercise and that is because it has so much to offer with such a simple set up that you can do it an almost any community or high school gym. On first glance you will notice that it […]

Here’s what to do for the first two weeks after your season ends…

Well, first of all, I am sorry – no one wants their season to be over quite this early. You are probably either feeling super motivated to work you @ss off and bring better things for next season or you are bummed beyond belief and you don’t even want to think about hockey until June. […]

EOTW: Knee Down Shimmy (goalies)

Every goalie needs to be agile.  Agreed? How do you train your agility (if at all)? Probably from a standing position right?  Using the Agility Ladder, Micro Hurdles, Mini Cones, etc. But you also need agility from your knees and THAT is exactly what I have for you today in this brand new goalie training […]

These two are not interchangeable…

They Are Not The Same… Squatting and Deadlifting are not the same movement. They are two different exercises with very different techniques that get confused quite often. Similar, not the same… When you Deadlift, the emphasis is on the hip hinge or reaching back with your butt. Your knees will bend, but only to facilitate moving […]

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