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Off-Ice Goalie Workout At Steve McKichan’s Free MiniCamp

What a weekend! Is it just me or did it feel like there was hockey on 24-hours per day for the last few days? Now, you know I did not stay up to watch the late games, but I did see lots of hockey. I was thrilled to see Team Revolution athlete Andy McDonald and his St. Louis Blues teammates move on to the second round.

I was cheering for Pittsburgh, but Philly did deserve to win that series so that is good for them. You may have heard me mention the new coach who is working with me at Revolution, Tyler Doig, those of you who follow the OHL will recognize him from his years with the Guelph Storm before moving on to play in the ECHL and AHL. Well, Tyler called the Kings to move past the Canucks in 5 before the series even started. There will be some major boasting going on in the gym today.

Finally, I watched the Washington v Boston game which I found really entertaining and I am keen to see how it ends up in game 7…BUT… The highlight of my weekend was heading out to Strathroy (we call it Strath-VEGAS around here) to run a session for Steve McKichan’s Future Pro mini-camp.

You see, Steve generously donates his time, expertise and ice to run a completely FREE mini-camp out of his home base in Strathroy for 20 goalies who are action takers. You see he posts this free offer over at www.GoalieStore.com and the first 20 goalies to jump at the offer are in!

So, in the spirit of giving I volunteered to head out and run the off-ice session – it was awesome! Some of the goalies had done a lot of off-ice training before so they ripped through the workout. Some had not done much off-ice training before and had never used an agility ladder, so it was a new experience for them altogether. But guaranteed, everyone found at least one weakness that they can now work on and improve.

Here is the workout we went through:

U2 Hobbling Update & Better & Best – Part 2

I had some questions after I posted the sample video from one of my Elite Goalie Strength & Conditioning members. Some of you thought there was ONE ultimate off-ice goalie training program that would catapult them to the top of their game. The truth is the perfect program for you may be exactly the wrong program for another goalie. You see, this is where the art of program design comes in.

Off-Ice Goalie Drills Using the Slideboard

Thanks so much for all of your great comments after the last post – as promised, I found a couple of minutes yesterday to shoot a video showing a slideboard circuit for goalies. Quite a few of you have slideboards, but use them for striding or don’t use them very much. I put this circuit together for you to use – give it a try- it is tough!

Part 2: Death of Cardio for Goalies + BONUS offer

By the time you are reading this post, Paul & I will be on our way to, or in, Las Vegas for a few days of holiday followed by a few days of business meetings. We are spending the first few days doing some hiking and relaxing out in the Red Rock Canyon area and then we will come into the craziness of Vegas proper for the rest of the time. Stay tuned for stories.

Before I get to part two of the article “The Death of Cardio for Goalies” I want to tell you about the SPECIAL BONUS with the Ultimate Goalie Training system that I am offering while I am away on holiday. When I first released the Ultimate 12-minute Goalie Warm-Up, I had a special offer where you could get the Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm-Up AND the Ultimate Goalie Training System for only $97 rather than $134. I called it the Ultimate Goalie Domination package! Some of you have still found that link and got a great deal on the package, but I have not been advertising that it is there…until now!