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The Death of Cardio for Hockey Goalies: Part One

Thanks for coming out ‘steady state cardio…your services are no longer needed. Same goes for you ‘fat burning zone’; you’re outta here too!

I am going to give you a few little treats over the next few days. Why you ask? What have you done to deserve treats? To be honest, not much really – just kidding! The truth is that I am heading out of town and I want to make sure you are well cared for during my time away. Paul and I a heading to Vegas-baby! I have some business meetings there next Friday/Saturday so we are heading out on Sunday for a few days of vacation before the meetings. Since my summers are consumed by training hockey players six days per week, this will be our ‘summer holiday’ and I am pretty pumped!!

So in anticipation of my departure and because Kyle emailed me to remind me that he is looking for some cardio workouts for goalies, I am going to give you a sneak peak at my NEW goalie training product! My goal is to release it in the next 4-5 weeks so stay tuned. Here is the first excerpt from the new manual teaching your Cardio Mythology 101. Stay tuned for Part Two coming on Sunday or Monday outlining the type of cardio training that helps you actually stop pucks. The final bonus treat I am going to share with you will be outlined in Part Two of this series. I cannot tell you what it is, but I can tell you that for the first 20 of you who purchase the Ultimate Goalie Training System while I am away on holiday will get a special free bonus. I will tell you what it is on Sunday/Monday. For now, enjoy…

Wonder if Luongo ever tries this?

I find the pre-season fascinating for a few reasons 1) I have to anxiously wait to see how the athletes I train over the summer are doing at their pro camps and 2) there are always lots of tweaks and strains that pop up and this always gets me thinking about the ‘why’. The one that sticks in my head most recently is Luongo’s groin ‘tweak’. I immediately thought back to an article about how Luongo became passionate about road biking this off-season and how he logged 1800km on the bike to help him drop 8lbs of weight. I can’t help but think…hmmmmmmm!

In-season off-ice circuit for goalies – no equipment needed.

How is has your week been? Mine was going great until this morning when I realized I accidentally deleted all the edited videos of my next product that I was trying to release for mid-October (insider hint…it is for you goalies). That was about 20-hours of work down the drain…oh well, back to the drawing board. I am on it, I will redo the videos and get that new training system out to you soon. Stay tuned for details, sneak peaks and of course insider discounts.

Okay, enough of my complaining, aren’t you so happy to see NHL hockey back on TV? I was thrilled to catch the first few pre-season games, it feels like it has been a very long summer. With your summer off-ice training behind you, I hope that you don’t think that you are done with working your stability, strength, speed and stamina. As promised, this off-season circuit is for hockey goalies specifically and I hope you enjoy it.

A simple exercise for hockey goalies to train their ready position.

This post is a reply to a question from a thread on off-ice goalie training that I started over at www.goaliestore.com – a goalie mentioned that his legs get burning when he is holding his ready position for extended periods of time. So here is a great ‘functional isometric’ exercise that will build the muscular endurance that you need in your legs and hips while still keeping you explosive and reactive.

Off Ice Groin Exercise for Hockey Goalies.

This post is for those of you who are terrified to train your groin muscles in the gym – first of all you know you are going to have to ‘work in’ with some lady who looks like she is right out of “Real Housewives of Hoboken” while all the muscle head’s stare at you like a freak when you plunk your butt on that stupid ‘groin machine’. Here is the great news – when you are playing goal in hockey, your adductors (groins) do not really work this way – with your feet off the ground. Your adductors work in a closed chain when you are playing goal so you are in contact with the ground through either your feet or knees.

Is goalie specific training a lie?

Okay, here we go again…I was on a forum the other day and one of the guys posted a very thorough post expressing his opinion that there is no such thing as sport specific training. I welcome his opinion and the time he took to create this post, but like most arguments I think it really brings all parties closer together when you define your terms. Let me go over the argument from the training forum before I share my perspective.

Three off-ice power and core exercises for hockey goalies and skaters.

Okay, on to today’s feature – this is a three exercise off ice power and core circuit for hockey goalies and skaters. The training rope is a fairly new tool so you may not have access to one, you can do some heavy bag punching as an alternative or some bungee punches. I hope you enjoy the circuit!