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EOTW: Leg Burner + Core Stabilizer

EOTW: Leg Burner + Core Stabilizer This is one of those off-ice hockey exercises that has a lot of benefit for goalies, forwards and defensemen. It builds stamina in your legs, so you can stay low in your stance or skating position AND it develops the integrated stability right from your ankles up to your […]

EOTW: Reverse X-Over Lunge

I use this hockey strength exercise for goalies and skaters – it is a great Reverse Lunge variation because it puts a nice stretch and load on the posterior lateral hip muscles. Those are the ones you use in cooperation with your quads when you are skating. Let me show you what it looks like […]

15 seconds to keep you low in your legs (this one hurts)…

It drives coaches at every level crazy and even pro players struggle with it. For goalies it makes you a split second slow and for skaters it makes you easier to knock off the puck and puts you a full stride behind. What is it? Standing up when you get tired. It’s not your fault […]

The Best Skating Exercises You Are Not Doing

Before getting into today’s article, I want to express my sympathy to the city of Boston and everyone affected by the bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday.  I cannot imagine the special type of coward who would do such a thing.  I hope you and your families are all safe from harm. The Best Skating […]