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The Best Diet For You This Off-Season

I am trying to wrap up a few questions from the live Webinar I hosted yesterday for members of the Insider’s List.  We covered a lot of ground and I answered most of your off-season training questions, but there were a few we just didn’t have time to cover. There were a few nutrition questions… […]

How To Enjoy Holiday Eating Without Sabotaging Your Hockey

Look, we are all going to eat foods over the holidays that we wouldn’t typically eat the other 11-months of the year. I will for sure ding-dong some shortbread cookies because when else is it acceptable to eat butter and sugar straight up (maybe there is some flour or eggs in there to make it […]

A reminder about ‘The Perfect Time’

Are you familiar with the work that Dr. John Berardi and his crew do over at www.PrecisionNutrition.com?  They are my go-to online source for athlete nutrition (they are like the hockeytrainingpro.com of nutrition :)).  I had a conversation the other day with someone about improving their speed on the ice and what it would take […]

Why You Don’t Do What You Should + January All-Star

Today I have an article from Precision Nutrition’s Dr. John Berardi that is specifically for those of you who actually have a pretty good idea of what you could do to improve your performance on the ice (or even your waistline).  I also have the All-Star for January.  But first I have some photos of […]