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How Laser Focused Training Works

I have mentioned it a few times in the last week and so naturally there have been more questions. Probably my fault for confusing you because on one hand I tell you that you cannot “accelerate your gains” or “supercharge your training” two weeks before the season starts. But then I talk about you can […]

Do These 3 Things Starting Today To Save Your Season

If you missed it, yesterday we talked about what to do if you have been a little delinquent in your off-season training so far. Don’t sweat it, you are not alone, but if you missed it yesterday go back and read the three things you absolutely must NOT do if that is the case. Now, let […]

Specific Drill So You Can Stay Low And Dominate Your Crease Movements

Do you ever look for it?  I do every time I watch a game.  It usually starts to appear about 10-minutes into the second period.  Then I know a team is in trouble. What is this sign that puts a team at risk?  The sign that coaches and shooters see?  The sign that is right […]

This tool improves your agility and hand-eye coordination

It certainly won’t be the first time I made myself look foolish in the name of making you a better goalie. And I’m okay with it 🙂 I love this tool because it is a great way for you to do read and react agility training (so that is agility training that is unpredictable, just […]

The #TRUTH about ‘goalie specific’ exercises

Here is the truth about goalie exercises… The actual exercise is not the most important factor contributing to your success on the ice. Choosing the right exercises is important – that is what gets you the most bang for your buck while minimizing the wear and tear on your hips, knees, ankles and back. The right […]

Guilty as charged: Not sorry at all.

One of you passed along this article – thanks Bernard –  discussing the different options for increasing scoring as it relates to goaltending equipment and net size/shape. I found it an informative exploration of the different issues. The conclusion, in the end, was that goalies are just too good. I think we all remember when […]

Off-ice training that makes goalies less vulnerable on the ice.

Justin fazio on ice goalie drills

I have been looking forward to this series of posts for a while, here’s how it came together. I was chatting with Future Pro Goaltending’s Jason VanSpronsen and we decided to meet up on the ice to go over some on-ice issues he sees or on-ice issues I get asked about, but I don’t know […]