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Q&A – tourney nutrition, InSeason Training, hip pain

Had a great Facebook Live Q&A yesterday.  I was surprised by the turn out I got at noon on a Wednesday – thinking a few of you were supposed to be ‘working’ – – ha ha. I will move the day and time around, mainly based on my schedule, but also to give you a […]

Working Hard vs Working Smart (you misunderstood)

Working smart can be hard… During the webinar this week we talked a lot about training smart vs just training hard.  Some of you got a little confused, you thought I meant that you didn’t have to work hard. That is NOT the case at all. You WILL have to work hard.  There will be […]

The 2 Ways Off-Season Hockey Training Leads To Injury

You’ve made it this far, so please make sure you read the entire article and read it with an open mind, don’t just say to yourself, “I would never do that” and dismiss the message. So here they are the two ways off-season hockey training leads to injury… NUMBER ONE: You do too much too […]

EOTW: First Step Power

Before you watch the video – I want you to understand one thing. I am NOT saying that you want to pop straight up from your 1/2 butterfly or when you are racing for the puck.  I know it is lateral movement that we focus on in hockey – we work on that a lot, […]

He Works Out Every Day But Doesn’t Get Stronger…

I rolled a few different questions into this article – but basically it is from the skater or goalie who works out like a fiend, but doesn’t really get stronger and doesn’t really get noticeably stronger or faster on the ice. Talk about frustrating. Luckily, usually this player actually loves working out, so that is […]

Is This A “No-Go” Zone With The Foam Roller?

As much as Facebook has it’s down sides, there are huge upsides – I love it. I was scanning my NewsFeed, which is pretty much all either training info or goalie stuff and I saw one of my mentors, Dr. Thomas Myers commenting on an article from Andrew Franklyn-Miller – the summary was posted on […]

EOTW:Towel Grip Body Row

EOTW: Towel Grip Body Row I love this exercise as much as a trainer can love any exercise and that is because it has so much to offer with such a simple set up that you can do it an almost any community or high school gym. On first glance you will notice that it […]

Here’s what to do for the first two weeks after your season ends…

Well, first of all, I am sorry – no one wants their season to be over quite this early. You are probably either feeling super motivated to work you @ss off and bring better things for next season or you are bummed beyond belief and you don’t even want to think about hockey until June. […]

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