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Why I Never Have Hockey Players Stand On A Stability Ball…

I am sure you have heard me say it before – just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  Although it looks quite impressive, anyone can stand on a stability ball with a little practice. When I worked at the sport med clinic I mastered in one particularly slow Friday afternoon. It was not that […]

Amp Up Your Training Heading Into Play-offs?

  And this is why you need to keep up with your training year round and make sure you are doing the right things at the right time. This is the message I got from a Dad whose sons is in the Next Level Coaching program (this is the small group coaching program I run […]

EOTW: Quadruped Hip Abduction

Think of this as another ‘rotator cuff’ exercise for your hip. You can build some stamina in your lateral rotators and abductors very easily by adding this to your hockey training routine. At Revolution Conditioning we fit it into our dynamic warm-up, use it as a supplemental exercise during our resistance training or as active […]

Q&A: The one about why coaches make certain decisions and speed

So, I was cleaning out the vault the other day and came across a few questions that were in the corner under some boxes of hockey tape, so I pulled them out, dusted them off and here are the answers for you. Aaa-chhooooo! (whew! It’s dusty in that vault) You can watch the video to […]

How To Enjoy Holiday Eating Without Sabotaging Your Hockey

Look, we are all going to eat foods over the holidays that we wouldn’t typically eat the other 11-months of the year. I will for sure ding-dong some shortbread cookies because when else is it acceptable to eat butter and sugar straight up (maybe there is some flour or eggs in there to make it […]

Lateral Speed Development

  Close your eyes and picture a hockey player skating with speed. I bet you pictured a player streaking up the ice moving forward – winning a race to a puck and busting in on a break-away or something like that. If you are a goalie, you MIGHT have pictured a goalie moving with lateral […]