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Q&A: harder shot, goalie specific, ankle strength and more

Hockey Training Q&A – November 2014 Today I have the answers to some of your questions from the past month.  Here’s what we cover today… If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click here http://youtu.be/asStFtxO_LQ #1 – Better lateral movement for hockey goalies – 0:27 Here is the link to some […]

Should hockey players push heavy sh#t?

When and how to use overload – should you push cars? There is a tendency to believe harder is better.  There is a tendency to take a perfectly good agility drill and add resistance to it…to make it harder.  You have probably even seen athletes doing this by wearing weight vests for their sprint training […]

Mistakes, Upper Body, Mobility, Essentials and Core…oh my!

I think it would be an overstatement to say I have been ‘cheating’.  That word has such a negative connotation. Have I been writing some hockey training articles for another fitness outlet?  Well – yes I have.  I can’t help myself, I want to help hockey players all over the world – it doesn’t mean […]

What’s your pull up score (and how to make it higher)

Pull Up Score = 0 You have no doubt heard the story already – Sam Bennett, one of the top prospects for this year’s NHL entry draft failed to get even one pull up at the Central Scouting Combine this year.  Now, I doubt that a team is going to pass this kid over based […]

How to get strong legs for hockey without weights

How Get Stronger Legs For Hockey Without Weights Not everyone has access to basic strength training equipment like dumbbells – a few years ago I showed you how you could make some of your own ‘renegade’ training tools.  These are great solutions that I know many of you are using. I don’t think there is […]