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How to transfer your agility onto the ice

Speed is great. Reactive speed is a game changer and it is what will make you stand out on the ice whether you are a skater or a goalie.  This is a progression of the off-ice hockey drill I showed you last week. Part Two: Reactive Lateral Speed For Hockey Training If you missed the […]

The lost video (speed secret)

You know when your iPhone tells you the memory is almost full and that puts you into a mini-panic, so you start deleting photos and videos from your phone because you have a copy somewhere else…only to discover you actually DON’T? I can’t be the only one. And before mass panic ensues…don’t worry, the U2 […]

Lateral Speed Development

  Close your eyes and picture a hockey player skating with speed. I bet you pictured a player streaking up the ice moving forward – winning a race to a puck and busting in on a break-away or something like that. If you are a goalie, you MIGHT have pictured a goalie moving with lateral […]

How Much Time On The Ice During The Summer?

  With NHL training camps opening last Thursday, naturally the media set out to find a story with the Leafs – why not pick on the best performing player Phil Kessel? When Phil said, ‘I skated 10 times maybe all summer’, Leaf Nation gasped.  I’m not gonna lie – I gasped a little bit too. […]

Should hockey players push heavy sh#t?

When and how to use overload – should you push cars? There is a tendency to believe harder is better.  There is a tendency to take a perfectly good agility drill and add resistance to it…to make it harder.  You have probably even seen athletes doing this by wearing weight vests for their sprint training […]