ATTENTION FUTURE PRO GOALIES: There are only 60 Goalies In The NHL…

How Would You Like To Steal One Of Those Spots In The Next 5-Years Or Less?

This might seem a little hokey, but I want you to do it anyway. Do it before you read any further, I’m not kidding.

In a minute you are going to close your eyes...

Once you do, I want you to either imagine a time when you stepped on the ice with such confidence that you could guarantee a win for your team.

Your positioning was perfect; it was like you were a puck magnet.

When you saw the other team’s best player streaking in alone down the wing, instead of fear you felt exhilaration because you knew you would stone him.

It was your game.

If you have never had this experience, then thank your lucky stars that you found your way to this page and picture what it would feel like; to feel like you are in total control from the time you step on the ice until the final horn.

You are calm, confident and consistent on the ice. You are ‘in the zone’ and your body is ready to respond to whatever your brain wants it to do.

Like you are driving a Porsche 918 Spyder - it responds immediately, no lag, no hesitation - just total control.

Okay, set a timer for 60-seconds, close your eyes and do the visualization.

Now, open your eyes and think about what it would be like to feel like that every time you step on the ice.

That is how you are going to succeed at the very highest level within your ability - for a few of you that is going to be the NHL - for less than 1% of you that will mean hoisting the Stanley Cup at centre ice.

Carey Price, Jonathan Quick and Pekka Rinne were once exactly where you are now - a goalie with the potential to play in the NHL.

They didn’t get there by chance or luck and neither will you. They assembled a team and followed a plan to get them there.

Some of you have been told that you have the potential to play at ‘the next level’ but having potential and making it happen are two completely different things.

Your ‘potential’ might get you to AAA, the CHL or even a good prep school team, but it will not get you to the NHL.

Right now you are making mistakes that sabotage your development.

You see, you are very much like my friend Jake and the hundreds of other goalies who are told every year that they have the ‘potential to play pro’ by their coaches and even scouts.

They aren’t kidding, these players DO have potential, but like Jake they are focused on the other goalies in their league.  That is their measuring stick.

And it is a pretty short stick.

Like you, Jake didn’t realize that his competition was not the other goalies in his league, he was happy to beat them in fitness testing at tryouts and to have one of the top five SV% in his league.  He was happy to be selected to the All-Star tournaments.  He thought he was right on track.

He never realized until it was too late that his competition was actually the 60 goalies who are currently in the NHL.

Sooner or later he would have to knock one of them off and steal a spot on the roster.

Don’t misunderstand...

You are not going to dominate every single game, tournament and league.  There will be ups and downs, wins, bad losses and frustrations - but you need to focus on taking the steps today that will lead to your end goal.

If your dream is to be a pro goalie, then you can't be satisfied with being a good goalie in your league.

Celebrate your victories, enjoy the All-Star tournaments, but all the while understand that you have years of hard work ahead if you are really serious about turning pro.

So never be satisfied with good enough - keep your eye on the prize.

Do what the pros do. Prepare.

Preparation Takes Years; You Can’t Do It The Summer Before Your Draft Year.

We all know of players who make it to the NHL and hardly ever workout - some of them have even won the Stanley Cup, but I don’t think you want that to be your strategy for winning the Cup. Your strategy will be to prepare for success better than anyone else.

preparationThat doesn’t mean ‘working harder’ than everyone else. Working hard is a badge of honour worn by goalies who want to do something, but don’t know what to do so they just ‘work hard’ and by random chance some of the things they do will help, while others will just wear their bodies down and could even lead to strains or chronic career threatening injuries; they are always battling their own body.

There will be times when you must work very, very hard - even to the point of blurred vision, your legs giving way and yes, even burying your head in the garbage can to puke your guts out - it happens.

But you will also work on fine-tuning how your body works, how your hips move and help to stabilize your positioning on the ice.

You will discover how to maximize your force production and how to do that efficiently so you still have gas in the tank at the end of the third and even into overtime.

By the time you turn pro, you will have a system that works specifically for YOU. You will know your body, you will not blow in the breeze of the latest training trend - you will have a plan and you will be prepared.

You will also have the trust and admiration of coaches and players, not just on your team, but throughout your league.

You will be the player that no one has a bad thing to say about - the one who gets a hearty hand-shake and sincere congratulations from the best shooter on the other team after you shut them out to win the Championship game.

You have earned that level of respect.

This is exactly how I train NHL Goaltender Carter Hutton and here is what he had to say after just the first summer…

“Maria Mountains summer training program has brought my off ice training to the next level. After using her program I have had the smoothest transition from the gym onto the ice of my professional career.

Over the course of my summer program I was able to achieve my goals as the program changed and developed with me.

Her attention to detail of my specific needs elevated my strength and conditioning, eliminated a chronic injury and improved my flexibility. Not only does her program work for me in the summer but I consistently refer to specific movements and stretches during the season to maintain.

I look forward to another summer training with Maria and continuing to improve my game.”

I’m Not Here To Sell You Anything...

…because the opportunity I am about to tell you about is not for everyone in fact I only have two open spots right now. If you are one of the two then you read the description above and the entire time you were saying to yourself - ‘yes yes yes’.

You were saying that because YOU are the person I wrote it for. The goalie with the passion to make it all the way to the CHL NCAA and finally the NHL. Your goal is to be knocking on the door in five years or less.

Like the young Drew Doughty in the grainy video as a little kid when his Mom asks “Drew what are you going to be when you grow up” and he answers “I’m gonna be a hockey player” and like Sidney Crosby you have the same passion and commitment to the game that led him to destroy the family clothes dryer by shooting pucks at it non-stop.

You will find anyone you can to shoot pucks at you - you have played goal for your buddies’ Dad’s beer league team just to get more ice time. You even coaxed your Mom to shoot pucks at you when you were younger. Playing goal is the first think you think of when you wake up in the morning and what you dream of when you close your eyes at night.

The Simple Test To Tell You If You Are The Right Fit...

If this all sounds a little too good to be true, here is the test to tell you if this opportunity is right for you...

Have you ever day-dreamed of hoisting the Stanley Cup?

I don’t mean, ‘have you ever thought it would be cool to win the Stanley Cup’.

What I mean is have you ever actually seen yourself taking hold of the Stanley Cup at centre ice after you shut out the other team in game seven of the Cup Final. Have you see your team captain’s smiling face as he hands it to you and shouts, ‘We couldn’t have done it without you - enjoy this’.

fitHave you seen yourself take it from his hands and thrust it right up overhead as you skated around the rink searching for your family in the stands. When you finally see your Mom she has tears of joy running down her cheeks - - your Dad does too.

You feel so proud that you could give them this moment after all the sacrifices they made for you and your hockey dreams growing up.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you can stop reading right now - you are not ready yet. But if you know exactly what I mean, then you better keep reading.

Some goalies are built with all the tools; skill, size and hockey sense.

Some have to work a little harder for it, maybe you are an undersized goalie who has lots of skill, but you constantly see bigger guys who don’t have half the talent just block up the net make more saves and get all the attention from the scouts for it.

Size will never get you to the NHL. It doesn’t hurt, but it alone will not get you there. Passion will get you there.

Right now there are passionate goalies who are making strides to not only take your spot on the AAA or Jr. B team, they are battling every day to make it right where you want to be.

  • Their passion gets them out of bed early to do their agility training.
  • Their passion has them working on mobility, just to get their butterfly flare two inches wider, so they can make one more save per game.
  • Their passion makes it okay to miss most of their high school dances for hockey.
  • Their passion pushes them harder when running their 300 yard shuttle runs in under 60 seconds each - while you are still riding the stationary bike in the gym.
  • Their passion keeps them in each and every game, even if their team decides not to show up.

So let’s focus aiming your passion in the right direction with off-ice training that will increase your chances of achieving your goal, to make the most of your ability and to unlock your hidden potential.

Introducing The TURNING PRO Coaching Program For Goalies Looking To Make It To The NHL In 5-years Or Less.


Like I said earlier, I am not going to try and sell you on anything. If you are the right fit, you are already all in - I am just going to give you the details.

The TURNING PRO Coaching Program is a private coaching program where I work individually with you to design and monitor your off-ice training to maximize your mobility, stability, strength, speed and stamina. Here’s what you get over 12-months

telephoneOne Strategy Call per month (not a group call or teleseminar just you and me talking) during scheduled coaching hours PLUS a bonus emergency call once per month.

appAccess to the private HockeyTrainingPro online training portal where you will access your workouts, your training calendar, video clips of each exercise – you can even record your weights and reps for each exercise on either your desktop or iOS device.
Completely individualized training program to suit your needs, your schedule, your equipment availability, so you can focus on what your specific needs.

coordinationCoordination with your on-ice goalie coach so I can get their feedback regarding your strengths and weaknesses on the ice.

guidanceNutritional guidance so you are fueling your training to maximize your successes.  There are no special foods or supplements you need to take, we will just work together to get you eating like a champion.

emailUnlimited email support, so you can ask a question anytime.  Just like the athletes who pay $150 per hour to train with me in person at the Revolution Studio.

freeFREE access to all of my goalie training products - Ultimate Goalie Training VIP, Rapid Response Goalie Training, Goalie Stretch Solution, Goalie Workout Club, InSeason Goalie Solution >> everything. (A $650 value)

bonuslimited-time If you are one of the two successful applicants during this enrolment, you are invited to come to the Revolution Studio in London, Ontario to participate in two days of our HockeySTRONG training program between May and August.  You will participate in our Strength and Power and Speed/Agility sessions each day plus you will have the opportunity to have a complete movement assessment conducted with me during your time in London (an $850 value).  The dates for your visit will be agreed upon beforehand based on availability and you are responsible for your travel and accommodation.

PLUS…you will ALSO get FREE access to any LIVE goalie training workshops conducted in 2015 (a $397 value) - - there is one coming to London, Ontario this Spring!

SO THAT’S OVER $1897 in added value.

I think you understand by now that this opportunity is not for the wannabe’s it is for the goalies who are determined to succeed and see just how far working hard on the right things will take them.

You Won’t All Make It To The NHL…

I’m not going to tell you that you will make it to the NHL even if you want it THAT bad and do all the right things.  So let’s say you fall short and end up with an NCAA scholarship or playing a full career in the OHL - would that be so bad?

Don’t waste your time thinking about it and wish for only to realize it is too late.

Don’t wait until you are trying out for that Jr. B team only to see the best goalies in the two neighboring leagues also at the training camp fighting for the exact same spot.

Instead of being prepared to make that next step forward and stepping onto the ice with confidence, you are worried about embarrassing yourself in front of the coaches, the GM and potential teammates because you can’t even do 8 perfect chin ups and by the end of the first on-ice session your legs are burning so bad that you are a useless pylon during the first scrimmage.

That hard work you put in (or what you thought was hard work) did not pay off and now you are back to square one.

This doesn’t have to happen to you.

Before I send you to the application - yes, there is an application, this program is not for all comers - you need to convince me that you are the right fit - I want to let you know the cost up front because if you don’t have the money for the program, then I don’t want you trying to over-extend yourself to pursue this opportunity, you will need to find another way.

WARNING: This program is not for everyone.  If you think all you need to do is pay for the program and your SV% will instantly soar beyond 0.93…this isn’t the opportunity for you.  This is for goalies who are prepared to do what needs to be done day after day working on the big things and the little things that will help you achieve your goals.

CLICK HERE to apply
There are only two spots available and once they are filled the doors will close.

There are three payment options for you.

Pay in Full - $2997 up front and save $361


Simple payment plan...
$997 up front and $215 per month for the next 11 months


If you are REALLY determined, then you will want to
SAVE $5000 or more and go with the 5-Year option…

$5,000 up front + $1250 per year for the next 4 years.

Is it going to work for you?

No one can guarantee that you will get to the NHL, but I can guarantee you will unlock your potential if you have the passion and discipline to follow your program exactly as outlined.  If you have the commitment to work with me to fine tune your program and give me all the information I need to make the very best program for you.

It has worked with countless other athletes who have made it to the highest level in their sport and succeeded...cup

Jeff Hackett, NHL Goaltender - was able to come back from career threatening injury

Andy McDonald, NHL Forward - won the Stanley Cup and named NHL’s Fastest Skater

Scott Moir & Tessa Virtue - World and Olympic Champion figure skaters

Damian Warner - Olympian, World bronze medalist in Decathlon

…not to mention more than 10 other Olympians in various sports, more than 7 other NHL’ers and countless KHL and European pros, NCAA and CHL hockey players that I have helped along the way.

The system works - the only question is…’Will YOU?'

So if you have made it this far and are still saying ‘Yes-Yes-Yes.’ to yourself the entire time AND if you know what I mean when I talk about day-dreaming of winning the Cup, then you better talk to whomever you need to talk to about applying for this program and then follow this link.

You know how much I like action takers, so as soon as I have two standout candidates, I will close the enrolment.

This is completely different from my standard training programs - it will not be open for a specific time period and then close down.  There are only two spots available and once I get two successful candidates that will be IT - until another spot opens.

Achieved goal of making the National Team…

I started with your programs after I skipped almost whole season due to knee injury. I always had problems with team off season workouts and I felt that I worked too hard on wrong things. After I started your UGTVIP everything changed. I feel much better on ice. I have more confidence because I know I'm doing right thing. This program gives me exactly what I need step by step from first workout to the day I hit the ice in summer camp. This season I added also In-season Solution program and I made huge step forward in my career. I accomplished my 2 year goal in just 2 months. I play every game. I never even thought that I could have stats like I have now. I also got called to national team. I'm sure that I will keep doing this programs in next season. Thank you Maria!

- Ondrej Raszka – Polish National Team Goaltender